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A new way of supporting Latino financial prosperity

When you think of banking products, do you feel you’re undervalued?

High bank fees and interest rates, no access to credit, higher insurance premiums… This is the reality of millions of Latinos and other underbanked minorities in the US. Gabriel Money provides the tools to help you change this reality.

We recognize and understand the hard work you put in order to obtain your Financial Freedom. We provide you the tools to help you get there. From understanding the importance of Credit Scores and how to build credit history to the ability to access the right product, at the right time, at a fair price, our commitment is with you. We will always be by your side! We got you!

Follow the
Steps for your
Financial Prosperity Journey


1. Download your Gabriel Money app, create your account and apply for your Gabriel Secured Card.


2. Deposit money into your Gabriel Money Account. The amount deposited will be your card limit in your Gabriel Secured Card​


3. Activate the card in the App once you receive it via USPS. The card limit will be equal to the value in your Secured Deposit Account.


4. Buy the things you would normally purchase using your new Gabriel Secured Card.


5. Pay your monthly statement or use the funds in your account to cover for it. We will report your on-time payment to the bureaus, helping build your credit history.


6. Done! You are in the path to Build your credit history.

Why Gabriel Money?

  • We exist to help you succeed.
  • We are a path, not a product. We will evolve with you, always building towards unlocking your path to financial freedom.
  • We start by helping you understand and build credit history.
  • We will evolve to offer you access to the right products, at the right time, at a fair price (stay tuned!)
  • We will never offer you predatory products.