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The Latino Wealth Gap & Our Mission

Young adult Latinos in the USA are an economic powerhouse taken for granted by the financial system.

Are we valued enough?

U.S. residents of Latino origin account for a huge part of american economy, but still face several problems to obtain credit and funding for their businesses, their dreams and their future. Gabriel Money’s iniative wants to help changing this and enabling a better tomorrow for those build America.

The Wealth Gap: Young Latinos in the US are…

20 Million people between 18 and 35
USD 1.9 Trillion economy (9th in the world)
Highest buying power growth than any other populational segment in the last decade
If considered a country, would be the 3rd fastest growing economy in the world


16% of Latinos are credit invisible – no credit history​
30% are unbanked or underbanked when compared with 12% non-Latinos​
3x more likely not to have a bank account
1.7x more likely to be turned down to a loan
20% dissatisfied with financial or savings product offerings

We got you!

When we talk about financial well-being for the Latino Community, we know the usual hardships: low credit scores, credit invisibility, worse interest rates, less opportunities… We know what our people goes through. Actually, we’ve been there ourselves too.

That’s why Gabriel Money was created. We believe in a way to help our community (and everyone else) thrive: build a good credit history steadily, have a safe place to deposit your money, and a card to use everywhere.

It’s time to change the game and allow every Latino to be perceived as an equal economic force in the U.S.