As innovation expands and the use of cash declines, payments technology will only continue to rise. Gabriel Money is here to show you why learning the benefits of payments technology will bring you financial freedom. 

Think of payments technology as the various tools we use to make a payment, like a debit, credit or prepaid card, as well as other tools like digital wallets. These technologies go beyond cash because they are:

  • Simpler
  • Safer
  • Smarter 

Simpler because payments are automatic and seamless – allowing for payments through devices like your smart phone, computer or tablet. It also eliminates trips to the bank, ATM or check cashing locations.

Safer because payments technology is secured, meaning any information provided is kept confidential and risk of fraud is minimized. 

Smarter because payments technology allows for real-time access to your account information to help you better manage your budget. 

Now is the time to leverage learning the benefits of payments technology! By participating in a digitalized economy, families have better choices and options, which help expand financial inclusion for all and empower their economic freedom.

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